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This site contains photographs, articles, links, and other information about Catch and Release Fishing. You can also find information on catching Bass and other fish in cold water, suggestions for fishing various types of structure, tons of great photographs from the outdoors, and much more. Images shown on the site are available for purchase under certain circumstances. For more Information, email the webmaster using the links found within this web site. Check it out!

By William D. Anderson

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By William D. Anderson

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CatchPhotoRelease.com is dedicated to sharing the outdoors through photographs and writings, and providing useful information to anglers about the sport of fishing. The Practice of Catch and Release encourages the following:

  • The safe release of any fish unless it is kept in accordance with what is known as "Selective Harvest".

  • Keeping a record of all fish caught. We use photographs.

  • Following all rules and regulations pertaining to any bodies of water fished, and the protecting those resources.

  • Demonstrating courtesy and treating other peoples rights and property with respect.

  • Enjoyment of the outdoors by remembering that safety comes first, and manners aren't far behind.

  • Teaching others to enjoy the outdoors by setting a good example and sharing knowledge.

  • Cleaning up after yourself, and others when it's necessary.