By William D. Anderson

Braidwood Lake - May 20, 2003

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Largemouth Bass, upside-down Turtle, and Beaver photos taken at Braidwood Lake on 5/20/2003!                             Click me to see the details of this trip!          
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These are just a few of the photos that were taken during this trip to the Braidwood Lake Fish and Wildlife Area. During this trip the terrorism alert status was raised one level and the lake was shut down. Needless to say, I along with everyone else was politely asked to leave. I was out long enough to catch one Largemouth Bass, photograph a Beaver that swam by, and rescue a big turtle that I saw fall down a cliff and land on his back. The closed sign in the photo above was placed to prevent other boats from launching while the park employees rounded up the bank fishermen. 05/20/2003 - Trip Details

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