By William D. Anderson

Outdoor Photographs

The outdoor world is an amazing place. It changes everyday, and sometimes from one minute to the next. You don't have to go far to find the beauty of nature. Sometimes all you need to do is open your eyes and take a look around.

These photos were taken while fishing in different locations at different times of the year.

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Clouds over the Lake Early morning at the Island Early morning Industry
Cloudy day at Braidwood Nice day at Braidwood Calm day at Busse Lake
Turtle on a stump Winter at Busse Lake Winter day at Busse Lake
Early Fall at Busse Lake Railroad Bridge in Winter Winter Day at the River
Sunny day at the Lake Sunset over LaSalle Lake A Heron waiting for a meal
Open Water Threatening Clouds A Pelican in winter at Powerton Lake
Winter at Powerton Lake Cold day at Powerton Lake Spectacular sunrise at Heidecke Lake
Belted Kingfisher having lunch in the Snow Snow falling over the Creek Ice Covered Shoreline
LaSalle Lake Sunrise Clouds #1 Clouds #2
Clouds #3 Sunset #1 Sunset #2
Taking Flight Ice Covered Landscape Frozen Navigational Light
Braidwood sunset Heidecke Landscape #1 Heidecke Landscape #2
Lake Michigan Sunset Braidwood Snowfall 1 Braidwood Snowfall 2
River Sunset 1 River Sunset 2 River Sunset 3
Calm Misty Morning Ice formation Rocky Point
Fall colors along a Rocky Bluff Red Fall Forest Fall colors surrounf the Bluff
Fall along the water Fall Brush Fall Wall
Fall Rock Wall Changing Forest Fall Stream
Changing Colors Colorful Stream Fall Stream Overlook
Natural Spring Below Fall Sunset Colorful Trees
Colorful Day Changing Point Fall Water Caves
Fall Trees and Bluff Fall Sun Rays Fall Brightness
Towards the Sunrise Lake of the Ozarks Sunrise Heidecke Lake Sunset
Sun blazing through the Fog Fog hanging over the water Sunrise and Fog
Sleeping Ducks Cold Reflection Pedestrian Bridge
Shaded Bridge Foggy Sunrise Empty Boats
Hazy Sunrise Reflected Trees Covered Sunrise

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