By William D. Anderson

Rip Rap with Vegetation - Fishing Structure Library

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Take a close look at this picture. There are several things to notice. The obvious is that there is a great deal of plant growth above the water line. This means that there will be bugs and other creatures to draw fish in. If you look carefully at the water you can see that the shoreline was originally covered with rip rap. Also dead center in the picture you can see the head of a snake which indicates the presence of other creatures that fish might feed on. Structure Library - Rip Rap with vegetation above the water line.
This area could be fished several different ways. First, consider what food source might be present and imitate that. In this case we have bugs, bait fish, crayfish, snakes, salamanders, etc.. Different species could be feeding on different things. Start with something that imitates a baitfish. Next, move on to plastic crayfish imitators or plastic worms or lizards. Whatever you fish, try to fish it as naturally as possible. When fishing plastics, be sure to keep the boat out a little ways and try to land the bait right at the base of the grass. Swim it slowly back to the boat keeping it as close to the bottom as possible.
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