By William D. Anderson

Flooded Timber

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Most of the year the timber in the background is dry, but there are times during the spring and fall when it's flooded as shown in this picture. Bass move into this timber as soon as they can no matter what time of the year it is so in most cases we know right where to look for them. Keep in mind that in other lakes, there may be other conditions that are required before the bass will move into a newly flooded area. Structure Library - Flooded Timber
Because this area never gets that deep, surface lures are the best bet. Weedless plastics are the second choice. The natural bank before the timber has a decent drop off so we will always fish that with spinners or cranks. Very often the bigger fish will remain at the bottom of the drop and only occasionally venture into the flooded area to feed. Once again, different conditions might cause the fish to react differently. For example, if the flooded area were deeper it would be a good bet that the bigger fish might spend more time in there. Heavy line and a rod with some backbone is a must to haul fish out of this type of structure before they wrap your line around something. Once they get tangled, you'll never pull them out.

Remember that flooded timber is different from wood that is surrounded by water all year round.

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