By William D. Anderson

Flooded Timber

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This timber field is surrounded by water all year round. Bass move in and out to feed at different times. Bait fish, birds, frogs, salamanders, snakes, and a variety of other food is present. Structure Library - Timber Field
Anything weedless should catch fish in this area when the fish are active. When the fish are not actively feeding, a slow moving plastic lizard will do the trick. Weedless surface plugs or frogs will catch fish as well. Heavy line and a rod with some backbone is a must to haul fish out of here before they can wrap your line around a branch. Once they get tangled around something, forget landing them.

Remember that flooded timber is different from wood that is surrounded by water all year round. This area is flooded all year. Never operate an outboard motor in an area such as this.

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