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This is a man made peninsula. The bank is composed rip rap and gravel. The fishing shelter was placed in a good spot because the end of this peninsula can be a fish magnet at certain times. When conditions are right fish will congregate around the end of the point. At other times they can be found along different parts of the bank looking for an easy meal.

Not shown in this picture are a couple man made pallet structures that have been placed in the water to attract fish. Even without the added structure, this would be a good place to look for fish.

Structure Library - Peninsula
Crank baits and spinners along the bank are a good choice here. Many people also use live bait from the fishing shelter and do very well. Fish hold off the end of the point when they're not active and live bait presented naturally is a good way to get them to hit. When walleye are in the vicinity, a jig and minnow combination fished slowly is very productive.

When the wind is blowing strong and parallel to the point there can be a mild current. If an eddy exists, cast beyond it and slowly work your lure back into it.

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