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When this photo was taken the lake was closed to boats. Notice how the wind and waves are hammering the bank. The fish were right up against the rocks in a feeding frenzy. The bait fish that normally use the rocks as cover would get forced out by the waves and the game fish would hit them. Casting into this kind of wind is difficult but well worth the effort. Even without the wind, game fish cruise this bank constantly looking for food. Structure Library - Rip Rap
Crank baits and spinners along the bank are a good choice here. Snags are a big problem until you learn how to "feel" the rocks. If you can figure out what type of bait fish are present, use lures that imitate them and try to fish them in a manner that resembles the action and speed of the real thing.

When there is little or no wind, the bigger fish will often stay closer to the bottom, but very near the bank. There are usually a lot of rocks at the bottom of the embankment and that's a good place to look for the bigger fish.

When fishing by boat, cast parallel to the bank. Staying out from the bank and bouncing jigs or tubes down the rocks is also very productive.

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