By William D. Anderson

Overhanging Brush

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Spots like this are an excellent area to look for fish. Very often they will be right up against the bank. In this case there was a small beaver right up against the bank (center of photo). Banks like this offer a wide variety of food sources for game fish. If you study this photo you'll see that there are a lot of rocks along the bank. One thing that's not as apparent is the fact that a lot of the brush has fallen into the water. This provides cover for bait fish. Structure Library - Overhanging Brush
Weedless plastics or jigs pitched under the brush are good choices. Remember that there are a millions ways to snag in areas like this so be careful. Moving into the bank to free a lure that's been hung on a branch is a good way to spook any fish in the area. Accurate casting is a must. Try to get your offering as close to the bank as possible and swim it back very slowly.
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