By William D. Anderson

Fallen Timber

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This area has few trees that have fallen over into the water. The presence of the bird indicates that there might be bait fish or frogs present. The trees create a potential snagging hazard but provide cover for bait and game fish alike. The pond scum makes this spot even more attractive. It provides cover and prevents light from penetrating deep into the water. Structure Library - Fallen Timber
Weedless plastics or surface baits pitched at the bank and then brought into the water slowly are good choices. Heavy abrasion resistant line is a must as are accurate casts. Any fish that hits your lure can easily get your line wound around a branch unless you have the equipment to get him out of there in a hurry. If there were no scum here, jigs would be a good choice as would anything that resembles a baitfish as long as you could retrieve it without snagging.

If a fish fails to hit your offering, try hitting the bank with a weedless surface bait and bringing it back slowly, then pause it before making a slight commotion with it. Many times the fish need a little encouragement, especially if Big Bird is anywhere near them.

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