By William D. Anderson

Sand, Clay, or Dirt Beach

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This area really doesn't have much in the way of what most people consider structure. The bottom is flat and consists of dirt, clay, and muck. The reason that this area might hold fish from time to time is that the bottom will warm rapidly when the sun is shining. This brings in bait fish and the bigger ones follow close behind. Spots like this are ideal if a drop off is present. Fish will often hold at the bottom of the drop, then move to the warmer water near the bank to feed or warm themselves.

This area is a great spot to catch several species as soon as the ice melts.

Structure Library - Sand, Clay, or Dirt Beach
Just about anything will catch fish here. If the fish are not actively feeding or if the area has a lot of fishing pressure, use smaller lures and fish them slowly and naturally. Use whatever bears the closest resemblance to the bait fish that are present in the lake. Most of the time you'll need to add some erratic twitches to trigger strikes. If you're using live bait, don't make the mistake of casting out as far as you can and letting your bait sit because the fish are often within a few feet of the bank.

When bank fishing, it's important that you walk softly and try not to make noise. Any unnatural noise is transmitted as vibrations into the water and can spook the fish.

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