By William D. Anderson

Small Island

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Very often, man made islands like this one will be the only obvious structure in one part of an open body of water. They are usually composed of rip rap, gravel, and other types of stone. Fish will congregate around these islands if they are the only structure available. In this particular lake there is other non-visible submerged structure near this island such as drastic changes in the bottom contour, but it still holds fish most of the time anyway. Structure Library - Small Island
Crank baits, live bait, spinners, and surface lures often catch fish from around islands like this. If deep water is nearby as is the case here, big fish can often be caught when they move up close to feed on the bait fish that surround the island. Several species are routinely taken from this area.

The best producers are lures that imitate the bait fish that are present. The most successful presentations are those that mimic the natural motion of the bait fish, and those that imitate a scared or startled bait fish.

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