By William D. Anderson

Tall Grass and Cattails

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This picture has had a little artificial brightness added to it to allow for better detail. Notice the bottom of the grass line. You can see that the water level was recently higher (You can also see a deer poking his nose out of the grass just left of dead center in the picture). Bass love to hang close to tall grass and cattails. There are a variety of food sources available to them not to mention cover when the water is a little higher. On days when the water level is lower, pitching a plastic lizard can be a good choice. The idea is to land the bait right at the base of the grass and retrieve it very slowly. When the fish are very active, a buzz bait can be a good choice too. Structure Library - Cattails and Tall Grass
Try to avoid dying or dead grass and cattails. When possible, always fish the greenest plants first. Many more bass are caught from near live plants than from around dead and or dying ones.

Also notice that there is a nice point where the water turns. In this case there is a slight current so a mild eddy is created just around the corner. Very often fish can be found there or out several feet long the point. There is a lot of boat traffic in this area so it's not uncommon for the fish to spook and move deeper. Staying in one place is usually not the best way to fish an area like this. Start at one end and work your way down to the other. Move slowly and quietly.

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