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Waterfalls like this are fish magnets. Many species of fish will line up just downstream from places like this and wait for something to be washed into the river. Very often the incoming water will be warmer than the river.

Some fish will be present right where the water enters the river and other will be several feet down stream.

Structure Library - Waterfall
Live bait pitched into the waterfall will catch fish on almost every cast. Boats should be positioned downstream and out as far as possible. Lures should be pitched above the waterfall and allowed to drift right past the water flowing into the river. Lures that don't snag can be pitched up into the waterfall. Be ready for fish to jump into the waterfall after your lure.

Remember that if you get to close to the waterfall, the fish will spook. Even if they don't leave, they will not usually hit anything while they are spooked.

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