By William D. Anderson

Rocks and Current Break

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This section of river is filled with rocks like this. All of these rocks create a current break which holds fish. Sometimes each individual rock will hold a fish. Very often the game fish will move in to feed on the bait fish that use the rocks as shelter. These are the visible rocks. There are many more that are not visible and because of this, you must use extreme caution when boating in an area like this. Structure Library - Rocks and Current Break
Live bait drifted down into the eddy's is the best way to catch fish. The fish will often grab any meal that floats by. If you land something on top of them, you're more likely to spook them.

Lures should be cast beyond the target and retrieved slowly. Be ready to get the fish in quickly because your line can come in contact with the sharp/abrasive rocks and break. Be ready to experiment with different hooks because it's very easy to snag on rocks like this. If you're catching fish, do not move in to retrieve a snagged lure. Chances are you'll spook any fish that are present. The other thing to consider is that you may damage your boat.

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