By William D. Anderson

Warm Water Discharge

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Water running out of this pipe comes from a factory and is much warmer than the creek it flows into. This attracts many species of fish year round. You have warm water, plenty of oxygen, and plentiful food which attracts bait fish and predators. Structure Library - Warm Water Discharge
Fish will sit in the warmer water just down stream from this discharge. Any type of live bait dropped above the creek and allowed to flow into the creek is sure to get hit. Plastics and other light lures will work just as well.

Position your boat far enough away to avoid spooking the fish. Since they spend a great deal of time in one spot, they are very aware of their surroundings and your presence. A subtle presentation is often necessary to entice them into striking an artificial lure. Dropping a lure right into the falls will often spook the fish into a good case of lock jaw.

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