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Fish will congregate along bluffs like this when the water is deep. Here you could jump off the top of the hill into 35 feet of water. Notice all the cracks and crevices for fish to use as cover. Catfish will work their way into the cuts and sit there until it's time to eat. Crappie, Bass, and bait fish will also use the rock wall as cover.

Here is a photo of a crappie that was caught against a bluff in water that was close to 100 feet deep.

Structure Library - Bluffs
One of the tricks to fishing a bluff like this is to figure out the depth at which the fish are holding. Knowing how fast a lure sinks can be very important. Once you figure out where they're at, you can fish parallel to it and run crank baits, jigs, tubes, or spinners along the bluff. Another way to fish it might be to throw slow falling plastics at it and let them sink. It the water is deep and the fish are closer to the bottom, you might need to add a little extra weight. Live bait would be a sure fire way to figure out if the bluff is holding fish.
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