By William D. Anderson

Saw Grass

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Fish will work their way into this grass during the day. When the sun is shining, there can be more fish seeking cover in and along this type of grass.

The bank drops off very sharply at the edge of the grass in this photo.

Structure Library - Saw Grass
This type of over can be hard to fish. You need a lure that will penetrate the base of the grass and not get stuck when you make an errant cast. Heavy gear and heavy line is a must! Cast into the base of the grass and get the lure in there as far as you can. Make a little commotion on the surface and if the fish are using the grass as cover, they'll hit it. Weedless Frogs, Rats, or plastics will work here. Every once in a while you can catch a fish in front of the grass on a spinner or crank bait, but the best fish will be tucked away inside the grass during the day. Make sure you cast into any pockets or openings in the grass.
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