By William D. Anderson

Structure you can't see

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This bank and many like it have a lot of brush in the water. You can't see it unless you have a locator that returns an image such as the partial screenshot at the right.

The image at the right shows a rocky bank on the left and a 3D sonar return on the right. You can clearly see stumps, logs, and brush scattered about the bottom. Note that the sonar image is slightly out of perspective because the boat was moving very slowly when the screen shot was captured.

Structure Library - Deep Brush & Stumps
So how do you fish something you can't see? First you have to find it. Sure, an expensive locator helps, but without one you can still learn the bottom with a little patience and concentration. Start by using a quality fishing rod. This will help transmit vibrations into your hands. Second, use line that has little or no stretch. This will allow you to "feel" the bottom when dragging a plastic worm, tube, or even a crank bait along the bottom.

Once you determine what is down there, fish it appropriately. If there is brush and the water is fairly deep, try larger plastic worms. Rocks, try tubes or crank baits first and don't be afraid to switch if something isn't working. Instead of casting the banks, try looking for structure you can't see. In many cases, the bigger fish will be out away from the bank relating to a piece of structure you can't see.

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