By William D. Anderson

Rip Rap and Weeds

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There are two fish in the top picture and one fish in the lower picture. Can you spot them?

There are several things going for an area like this. First, there is cover for the bait fish. Second, there is cover for the predators as well. As you can see, the shore line is rip rap but there is also a healthy weed line growing along the bank. Both sides of the weeds should be fished. Bass will often sit right up against the bank waiting to attack anything that swims into the water. Anything weedless, a plastic frog, or a plastic lizard should do the trick.

On the other side of the weed line there will often be fish on the prowl looking for anything that swims out of the weeds. Very often the fish will back themselves into the weeds and wait for something to swim by. Spinners and crank baits are often a good choice.

Inside the weeds you will often see holes. Try to avoid casting directly into these holes. Cast beyond them and let you lure swim into the opening where there might be a fish waiting. Often you will not see the fish because he is under the slop at the holes edge.

One other thing to consider is that there is often a drop off just below where the weeds stop on the outside. Click here for more information.

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Try to avoid dying or dead weeds. When possible, always fish the greenest weeds first. Dying vegetation removes oxygen from the water and in some cases this can mean there will be no fish present.
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