By William D. Anderson

Rip Rap and Submerged Weeds

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Very often the weeds in this area will grow up to the waters surface. When this photo was taken they were still at least a foot down. This still provides plenty of cover for bait fish and predators alike. Spinners or Crank Baits retrieved over the tops of the weeds, and swimming a weedless plastic lizard through the weeds are good choices. Structure Library - Rip Rap and Submerged Weeds
Notice the area a little ways down where the wind is hitting the waters surface. Never overlook an area like that. Very often the fish will be a little more active in this area than in the calmer water. The wind also keeps the light from penetrating as deep as it normally would. Ideally I would fish this bank if the wind were hitting it instead of blowing off of it as shown in this picture.

Remember that the outside edge of a weed line may indicate a drop off.

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