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Pond Scum

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Bass will often hide under thick mats of pond scum. Pike can often be found suspended at the surface right underneath the mat too. It's tough to tell from this picture but there is also some timber in the water along the bank. Also notice that there are holes in the mat.

On bright sunny days bass will flock to areas like this in great numbers.

Very often the edge of a mat will be right over a drop off.

Cast a plastic frog beyond the holes, drag it over the mat for a long distance and then swim it through the hole. If the fish don't hit it before it gets to the hole, very often it will get nailed once it hits the water.

When possible, keep the boat outside the mat to prevent spooking any fish swimming underneath it.

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A weedless frog or other lure dragged across the top of the mat will often produce strikes from below. Heavy line and a fishing rod with some backbone are required to pull the fish out before they have a chance to bury themselves. If the scum is thick, it can be difficult for the fish to suck the lure down through the mat. A trailer hook is advisable to increase your chances of a hookup. Always make it a point to fish the outside edge of these areas with lures that imitate bait fish. When possible, throw plastic worms or lizards at the bank and let them swim into the water. Bass can often be found right up against the bank in areas like this.

Remember that the outside edge of a line of scum can sometimes indicate a drop off. that is NOT the case here. The scum is formed because there are farm fields nearby and fertilizer from the fields finds it's way into the lake. This helps some of the plant species grow. Left unchecked, this scum would cover the entire lake if it were not treated with other chemicals.

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