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Wood Pile - Beaver House

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Bass will often congregate around the underwater brush that was placed here by a beaver. This area also has pond scum, timber along the banks, and overhanging brush. Because there are so many things that will attract fish, it's a good idea to have more than one rod rigged with the appropriate tackle. Structure Library - Wood Pile - Beaver House
When fishing the wood, line that is abrasion resistant should be used. It should also be strong enough to pull a decent fish out before he can bury himself. The same goes for dragging a surface bait over the scum. When a bass is hooked, he will head for the bottom and try to bury himself in the weeds or timber. Once your line gets wrapped around something like a branch, forget about landing the fish. Be sure to pitch weedless lures such as plastic lizards to the bank and slowly swim them into the water or onto the scum. Bass will often be right up against the bank when there is overhanging brush or an opening inside a weed line.
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