By William D. Anderson

Large Boulders

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Fish will sometimes use large rocks such as the ones shown here as cover. The bird indicates the presence of bait fish which makes the area even more attractive. Not only does this area have boulders, but it borders another area where tall grass begins. Minnows will often swim into the grass for shelter.

This bird is right where the rocks stop and the grass starts because he knows that's where he's going to find fish.

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There are several ways to fish rocks like these. First I would throw anything that looks like whatever bait fish are present. If a predatory bird is present such as the one in the picture, very often you can watch them to see what type of fish they are catching. Jigs might be better than crank baits because they are less likely to get hung up. Spinners are a good choice too. If the boulders are present down the slope of a drop off, the bigger fish will be hiding among the rocks at the bottom of the slope. If the bank is being hit by wind, they will often move to the surface next to the bank to feed on whatever gets knocked out of the rocks by waves.
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