By William D. Anderson

Change of Bottom Content

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Fish can often be found around an area where the bottom content changes. In this case the content goes from rip rap to clay. Notice the stair-step slope of the clay. The birds of prey in the picture also indicate the area may hold bait or other fish. Structure Library - Change of Bottom Content
Game fish are always cruising this bank looking for an easy meal. The bait fish will dart into the rocks for cover when they are threatened so fishing the rocks is always a good choice. Many fishermen like to bounce small jigs down the slope of the clay. Crank baits, Spinners, or anything that resembles bait fish would be a good choice here. Depending on the conditions, the game fish will either be right at the waters edge or down near the bottom of the slope. Unless the fish are very active, you will often have to get your lure to the depth where they are holding for the time or they wont hit it. Many decent fish are caught from the area where the two types of bottom content meet.
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