By William D. Anderson

Structure Fishing Photo Reference Library

Catch-Photo-Release Fishing

Being able to catch fish consitently means knowing how to fish the different types of structure that you may find in and around the water. These pages show you some of the things to look for, and offer tips on how to fish them effectively.

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1 Rip Rap with Vegetation above the Water Line 2 Tall Grass and Cattails
3 Rip Rap and Weeds 4 Rip Rap and Submerged Weeds
5 Lily Pads 6 Pond Scum
7 Wood Pile 8 Boulders
9 Change of Bottom Content 10 Flooded Timber
11 Timber Field 12 Peninsula
13 Rip Rap 14 Overhanging Brush
15 Fallen Timber 16 Sand, Clay, or Dirt Beach
17 Spillway 18 Small Island
19 Bridge Piling 20 Waterfall
21 Rock/Boulder 22 Rocks with Current Break
23 Undercut Bank 24 Eddy - Slack Water
25 Warm Water Discharge 26 Shallow Point
27 Bluff 28 Saw Grass
29 Structure you can't see    

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